No Filter

Here we go.


I’ve got no filter, no filter
When I’m talking ain’t no telling what’ll hit ya
Just like my momma sayin’ crazy shit I think of
no way you can keep up when I speak up
I’ve got no filter, no filter
Call it like I see it but don’t get it mixed up
What I’m conveying ain’t no thing you can mistrust
I got no filter, no filter

[Verse 1]
I’m Unfiltered, my lungs splintered with tongue twisters
They come hither til done spilled into one’s business
And None listen cause one minute they come bitching and
Next run sprinting from me up and busting dumb thinking with
Critical thought processes, never will stop talking this
Typical god talk, because hell is the wrong option 
I’m literally causing aneurysms when I login
Leave you pitifully lost when I’m turning to wasabi
Getting spicy with the takes and I’m brutally honest
getting higher with the stakes, ala Hakuna Matata
And I’m a boon to the product when I let loose and I’m riled up
Cause I use the juice and spew the truth I view without caution
I found a use for your coffin cause I’m no faux killer
Beat abusing I’m kind of a psycho mode spitter
Be amused when I’ve no need to sugarcoat the pill first
And see you lose it when I’m speaking up with no filter


[Verse 2]
Chop the beef and eat it, cause I call it like I see it
Stopping me is evil cause my honesty is key when
Society believing in everything they see on TV even
Mauling y’all is easy when it’s false what y’all perceiving 
Sipping vodka in the locker room talking ‘bout how I’ll slaughter you and
Mock you like a hawk ‘till you squawking loud like a cockatoo I
Shock you ‘til in awe at my calling out, you beyond a fool
The lot of you just logic-less falling for lies you thought were true
The way I was brought up, if you don’t ask, you don’t learn it
In the case of an honest mistake you have to be assertive
They feign all the drama for fame claiming The One to worship
But I reign to vacate the game blatantly undeserved
Of creation or making a single thing when faking fervor 
And further cave to stating more lazy claims. I’m tasting sulfur
Let the flames I lame contain your brain of beration bursts or convey the 
case my statements make your fateful place in a burn ward
To capture the laughter we masterfully had before hope flickered
 we tackle these tracks and keep after the accuracy, most differ
Slow thinkers lacking and latching to backwards role figures
Cope quicker, act and come back but the catch is No Filter